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This 6-week class is for people who tend to strive for perfection, often at the cost of feeling relaxed and having time for themselves. Do you spend a lot of time making decisions, trying to pick the optimal solution? Do you find yourself going above and beyond expectations, making sure things are perfect? Trying to get things just right may happen in various areas of life, such as: work, school, appearance, sport or exercise, friendships, caring for family members, household care, or minor matters (e.g., grocery shopping, gift purchasing). Although the world sometimes “rewards” perfection in the form of achievements or awe from others, there can often be many hidden costs of working so hard, including higher stress, anxiety, and sadness. In this class we work together to identify where perfectionism may be holding you back from a freer, more relaxed, more fulfilling life, and introduce strategies to have a new relationship with exceedingly high standards. People often report significant improvements in how they feel and, perhaps surprisingly, in their ability to achieve their goals after working on and reducing perfectionism.

Topics include: 

  • Understanding perfectionism 

  • Assessing where perfectionism helps and where it hurts

  • Perfectionistic rules and assumptions

  • Perfectionistic behaviors

  • Experimenting with new behaviors 

  • Evaluating what matters most

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