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This mindfulness class is for beginner and intermediate meditators. Mindfulness has been defined as paying attention, on purpose, non judgmentally in the present moment. The skill of mindfulness has been associated not only with significantly reduced painful emotions, such as anxiety and depression, but increases in experiences such as connectedness, life satisfaction, concentration and well-being. We’d venture to say all of us could benefit from increasing our mindfulness skills. In this class you’ll join a community of people interested in mindfulness and meditation, and each week includes teaching and practices to help you develop your ability to be present in your life. So often people tell themselves that they “should” meditate, but it is extremely challenging to develop a consistent habit alone. Our goal in this course is for you to leave feeling that you want to meditate and to help make meditation work for you. 

Topics include: 

  • What is mindfulness

  • Transforming your relationship to thoughts, feelings, and sensations

  • Transforming your connections using mindfulness

  • Loving kindness meditation

  • Mindfulness of challenging experiences

  • Full participation mindfulness

  • The habit of mindfulness

  • Integrating mindfulness into your busy schedule

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Mindfulness and the art of being present (12 weeks): Product
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