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This weekly, 12-session group is for people who experience more anxiety and worry than they would like. Although anxiety is a normal part of the human experience, some of us have gotten into patterns where anxiety is playing a bigger role than is helpful. This course is designed to help you learn more about anxiety and develop coping skills to work with it. The overcoming anxiety group is structured, much like a class, with new information and tools to learn each week. You’ll be invited to engage in exercises in class and during the time between classes. Get ready to develop a new, more empowered relationship with anxiety and with the goals that anxiety is holding you back from! 

 Topics include: 

  • Understanding anxiety

  • How anxiety keeps going over time

  • Clear and muddy emotions 

  • Learning to tolerate and befriend anxiety 

  • Allowing anxiety while approaching values   

  • Understanding anxiety thought patterns 

  • Writing exercises and anxiety 

  • Mindfulness and anxiety 

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